On November 13th, Fay was born in Breda, a little village in The Netherlands.

Fay loves to travel. When she was two years old, she made her first big travel trip to the Dutch Caribbean; Aruba and Curaçao. Around the age of three, Fay learned skiing in the Alpheus. She, her parents and later on her sister went to Austria or Swiss every year from that moment on to go skiing.
They also visited Houston (Texas USA), Louisiana (USA), Canada and several places in Europe with the whole family.
When Fay and her sister were young, the family had plans to move to the USA, but they decided to stay in the Netherlands.

Fay’s biggest passions beside traveling and cooking is dancing. She started dancing and music classes at an age of three. She has a big diversity in dancing skills, such as; Classic ballet, jazz-ballet, street dance, modern dance and hip hop dance. Around 15 years old she was studying for continuing a dancing career, but she decided with her parents to stay focused on her school and keep dancing and singing as a hobby. She sang in several bands and performed on stage in Breda, The Netherlands. Around 17 years old she started following dancing classes with a partner and together they danced the Samba, Rumba, Chachacha, Tango and other Latin dances on top level.

Fay graduated from her bachelor June 2010 dapoxetine. From that moment she has worked at an accountancy bureau on Curaçao. In the summer of 2011 Fay returned to the Netherlands to finish her Master in Human Resources. In April 2012, Fay joined a salsa group in Arnhem.